Q:   Where and how was the Boom Board invented?

 A:   The Boom Board was invented in California by entrepreneur Howard Leight.  An engineering and design firm, DD Studio, assisted with the development perfecting the design along with a team of physical fitness experts.


Q:   How long will it take to see the results?

 A:   The Boom Board is versatile and easy to use.  You feel the results immediately.  After the first workout, your body will feel engaged and will continue to feel stronger each and every time you use your Boom Board.   Every body is unique.  Sara started seeing results within two weeks.  The pounds were falling off, her lower back pain disappeared, and her clothes were getting looser.  The door module is part of the Boom Board and allows you to perform dozens of additional exercises.  The Boom Board also comes with a 15 minute instructional video that’s fluid, fast, and fun and a 7-day eating plan to guide you to better health.


Q:   What if I don’t have a TV or a video player?

 A:   That’s okay.  The Boom Board Body Shaping System includes a booklet that describes all the exercises performed in the instructional video.  This allows you to workout at the office, the park, or while traveling.


 Q:   How durable is the Boom Board?

 A:   The Boom Board is made from extremely high quality materials.  The cables can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure.  The steel rod in the base of the Boom Board keeps the platform flat and prevents the ends from curling up due to intense pressure on the cables.


Q:   When will I receive my order?

 A:   Your order will be shipped within 5 days via DHL and should arrive within 7-10 days of shipment. Using DHL also allows us to deliver to USPS PO Boxes if required.


Q:   Is my personal information private?

 A:   Our privacy policy is to keep your information confidential.  We do not share any of your information with anyone.


Q:   Is my purchase secure?

 A:   Yes. We use the latest SSL encryption technology. SSL Certificates provide 128bit encryption, and are trusted to secure millions of Web servers worldwide.


Q:   How do I make a return?

 A:   We want you to try the Boom Board for 30 days.  If you’re not 100% satisfied, send it back in the original box with no questions asked.